Planning an event is great fun; planning your event at Estero Country Club is complete bliss!

From fairytale weddings to innovative business meetings, the venues at Estero Country Club are versatile and exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Estero Country Club has gorgeous long windows lining the walls. Golden sunlight pours into the room during the evening, and twilight is a magical hour! You can capture the perfect photograph for your album just as the sun is setting.

There is room for up to 280 guests, and guests will certainly enjoy our exquisite, cherry-stained chairs.

You might be wondering, what kind of events can I plan at Estero Country Club?

The answer is virtually anything. Weddings, business meetings, family reunions or Sunday get-togethers!

Here’s a quick list of events for inspiration:

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Memorial Gatherings
  • Athletic Banquets
  • Work Seminars
  • Family Dinners
  • Golf Groups
  • Neighborhood Gatherings

Estero Country Club Birthdays!

“It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to!” Whether you’re Lesley Gore or her number one fan, there certainly won’t be any crying here at Estero Country Club on your birthday—you’ll be having too much fun! There isn’t a better place to bring family and friends together to share in celebrating a birthday.

Another year of life is definitely a perfect reason to break out your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor with your new, one-year-older moves! Our amenities are top-notch; we’re ready to throw you the party bash of the year! Your friends and family will be talking about it for years.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Out with the old and in with the new, we’ve recently undergone renovations. You can borrow our dining halls, and let the blue skies take care of the rest. We’ve got a location to make your wedding last!

Come in and celebrate your special day with us! We want to make your wedding planning easier, stress-free, and satisfying.

We know that wedding planning requires a tremendous investment of energy, time, and effort. Every wedding planner needs strong attention to detail, but also, as every realtor would say, “location, location, location,” which is the most important detail of all.

Estero Country Club has a stylish main dining room that will make your special day that much more extraordinary! Crisp linens, show-stopping centerpieces, exquisite dining are just a few of the elements that turn our traditional club ambiance into a storybook wedding.

Wedding Anniversary

Sometimes we need a little “spice” in our life. What better way to spice up an anniversary than renewing your vows! The second walk down the aisle lets you experience everything in a new and thrilling light. Renewing your vows is a wonderful experience, and Estero Country Club wants your “second” special day to be just as memorable as the first!

Business Meetings

It’s not uncommon for business meetings or special corporate events to take place at our venues. The surrounding greenery is a pure, natural beauty—simply irresistible to the striving and thriving professional.

Our beautiful landscape is the ideal business meeting location for any industry. Here, your employees will not only enjoy the peaceful setting but also the vintage elegance of our dining halls.

Work Seminars

Keeping your employees up-to-date is vital to the success of any business. Luckily, we have the comfortable workspace to make any innovative work seminar engaging, interesting, and worthwhile.

Even in terms of burnout, when the work week has dragged on and you feel like your team is dwindling, Estero Country Club has a bit of magic to stir up inspiration. We want you to be successful in all your endeavors! So, don’t hesitate to round up the office, take a field trip, and let your team follock happily within our dining halls and greenery.

Family Reunions

Perhaps you’re looking for a simple room for a small family reunion. No worries! The Palm Room is a great option for folks to have a group of forty or under. Plus, the Palm Room is notorious for a fantastic view of the golf course and tennis courts.

Bringing the family together takes time, and only occurs on rare occasions. We want you to enjoy your family-time, with quality food, outstanding customer service, and a peaceful environment.

Graduation Party

You’ve finally made it to the end of the tunnel, and you’re definitely ready to unwind! There is no better place that Estero Country Club to throw your graduation party. We want to congratulate you on your success and celebrate with you along with your family members.

Whether you have a small or large party, we have the resources to accommodate you and your party. If you’re interested in a small venue, we have the palm room or Estero Country Club for larger parties.

Do keep in mind…

Being a member of Estero Country Club has its perks.

We have special member events located in the dining halls as well. So if you’re hesitating on scheduling an event just remember that as a member of our club, you can always venture into an event to get a closer look at the venues. You’ll be able to experience, first-hand, the adventure of planning an event in Estero.

If not, we’d love to schedule a tour so that you can view the venue and receive more details about planning your event in Estero! Our club is dedicated to our members and their needs. We’re certain that our dedication and amenities combined will serve to produce an unforgettable event! Give us a call today, or fill out our event form.

As a member of Estero Country Club, planning your event in Estero is easier. You’re also able to enjoy invigorating activities, exciting social events, fun-under-the-sun golfing, delectable cuisine, elegant structures, and a warm, inviting community!