Golf Restoration

As many of you know, Estero Country Club is restoring golf course. Golf course restoration is an exciting endeavor that we’ve been planning for quite some time.

Concerned that the course you love so much will be changed forever? Don’t fret! The golf course restoration will make our course better than ever.

Why ECC is Restoring Our Golf Course

So, why are we restoring our golf course? Our beautiful course has been loved and played for many years. It’s time for a refresh, a new look to reclaim our identity and make our member’s golf experience on par with the pros!

Our original golf course architect, Gordon Lewis, has helped us develop a plan the updates our course without drastic changes.

We love our course, plain and simple. This restoration will tidy up the course and encourage players of all ages and skill level to dust of their clubs and start swinging!

ECC’s Golf Course Restoration Begins

The golf course restoration groundbreaking is scheduled for March 12th!

[It’s] an opportunity to revitalize the golf course and make some much needed improvements.” says Estero Country Club’s Superintendent, T.J. Shine, “The original golf course architect, Gordon Lewis, has put together a plan to update the course without changing or compromising the existing layout that is widely considered some of his best work. The renovation work will touch all 18 holes in addition to the practice area, driving range and clubhouse grounds.”

Benefits of Golf Course Restoration

We are so excited to begin our restoration. It’s an exciting time to be a member, and a fresh look is much needed after the normal wear-and-tear of many years playing a beautiful course, plus the unexpected effects of Hurricane Irma.

We welcome guests and members to get in on the action, participate in our annual meeting, March 12th, and get excited for their new course!

Additional benefits of a restoration is the course itself! Did you know that golf course help the wildlife and even aid the environment?

According to the United States Golf Association, golf courses:

  • Provides wildlife habitat
  • Protects topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • Improves community aesthetics
  • Absorbs and filters rain
  • Improves health and reduces stress for more than 24.5 million golfers
  • Improves air quality
  • Captures and cleanses runoff in urban areas
  • Discourages pests (e.g. ticks and mosquitoes)
  • Restores damaged land areas (e.g. former landfill or mining sites)
  • Makes substantial contributions to the community’s economy

Join Us for Our Gold Shovel Groundbreaking

We invite you to our golf course Gold Shovel Groundbreaking and annual Estero Country Club, Monday, March 12 at 9am.

Near the first tee we will be joined by the Village of Estero Mayor, Jim Boesch, and Councilman Jon McLain, as well as the Estero Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board, Gene Montenieri!