Bird’s Eye View

Get an inside look at how our golf course restoration is moving forward. As we enter a new week for our course, we wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of the construction.

In the video below, fly with us as we provide an audible description of what you’re seeing, what you can expect in the next coming weeks, and how are incredible team and construction crews are progressing.

Inside Our Golf Course Restoration Project

Last week, we were lucky enough to have Gordon Lewis on-site for three days to inspect the construction progress and map out areas of opportunity. We love Gordon Lewis’ design and wanted to continue to have him as part of the process. He identified several areas of for elevation, mounding, and shaping around the course, including the 14th hole. Prone to erosion, the 14th hole will now have control measures installed as well as features that will prevent any run-off of material into our pristine lakes.

We are keeping a close eye on green foliage and will be spot-spraying areas. It’s vital that old grass does not have the chance to sprout before we install our new Celebration and Bimini Bermudagrass. In the meantime, the fairways were cleaned up and our mowers height has been lowered to cut away dead turf.

Our dedicated staff is hard at work, picking up as much dead turf material as possible with our raking and vacuum equipment!

While we keep a diligent eye on our turf, we also have several projects occurring at once.

The back nine projects include:

  • Stripping the turf in disturbed areas on holes 12, 13, 14 and 15
  • Clarke Construction began coring out the 13th green, and shaping the tees and fairway on the 14th hole
  • Storm water connector pipe replacement has started on the 10th and will continue on the back 9 before moving to the front in approximately 3 weeks

A Face-lift for the Entire Country Club

Our golf course isn’t the only thing that’s changing! Our clubhouse landscape and irrigation system is being restored, as well.

The Laurel Oak trees along Vintage Trace in front of the clubhouse are also being removed in accordance with our landscape plan. After 20-25 years, our Laurel Oaks have outlived their useful life and have begun to look unhealthy.  They no longer have a full canopy of leaves and we felt that it was time for an upgrade!

Our beloved Laurel Oaks will be replaced with eleven Magnolia trees of the “DD Blanchard” variety which have proven to grow quite successfully in southwest Florida.

None of the Live Oak trees in the parking lot or at the club entrance will be disturbed. The Sabal Palm trees that are located between the pro shop and the driving range will also be transplanted on Wednesday to new locations along hole 1 and 15.

Don’t Miss an Update

Needless to say, we’ve been quite busy! We’re so excited to bring you each new update so you can go on a journey with us!

Stay updated on our golf course restoration project but routinely checking our Facebook and YouTube channel for updates!