The front 9 is coming together and we are on track to meet our grassing goals for the remaining holes. This past month has been a challenge as we are trying to grow grass, begin cultural practices on the back while also preparing the front 9 for grassing. By the end of the month we should have everything grassed and we can focus our attention on executing our landscape plan for the golf course.

  • The final six greens to be grassed, the chipping green, nursery green, 1, 4, 5 and 9 will be completed this Friday, July 20. The previously grassed greens are growing and on schedule.
  • Holes 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 fairways, tees and roughs were all grassed this past week. You will see irrigation running continuously throughout the day to keep adequate moisture levels in the soil and keep the sprigs cool.
  • Much irrigation work is being performed by our staff to prepare these areas for grassing. As greens, bunkers and tees are altered and moved, so must our irrigation piping, electric and sprinkler heads. This is a large undertaking that requires time and labor.
  • Final shaping is taking place on holes 1, 4, 5, 9 and the practice area and we can expect to start seeing grass laid next week. We expect all grassing to be complete on the golf course by July 31.
  • On the back 9, we have begun cultural practices – mowing, aerifying, verticutting, top-dressing and fertilizing the tees, roughs, and fairways, pushing them to grow and smooth out as soon as possible. During the grow-in process, it is common to see an abundance of weeds growing in the new turf. With areas of soil exposed, this creates a void where weeds tend to thrive. When we achieve approximately 60% coverage of turf, we can begin herbicide applications to combat the weed pressure and not risk damaging the growing sprigs. Some spraying has begun in areas that are filling in quickly while others are still a week or two away.
  • Landscape installation at the Clubhouse is now underway. The golf course maintenance staff will be extremely busy over the next couple of weeks, as the majority of the nearly 4,300 trees, plants and flowers are planted by our “in-house” staff. Upon completion, sod will be installed around the Clubhouse and we will then resume with the golf course landscaping.
  • Areas that were “washed out” or damaged during the torrential rains that we experienced last Tuesday are being worked on. Soil that was washed away was retrieved and put back in place where possible, many areas required bringing in new soil to fill the washouts. Areas that may be continuous washout areas will be sodded vs. sprigged where necessary. This is a time consuming, painstaking process that unfortunately is inevitable living in Southwest Florida in the summertime. Keep your fingers crossed that we do not experience another storm like this for some time.

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