There’s a rumor spreading that golf doesn’t require athleticism.

This is just that; a rumor.

True, golfers don’t spend their time running up and down a field, nor do they attack their opponents—and wouldn’t that be as sight.
Instead, golfers practice for hours and hours, hole after hole, to perfect their golf swing.

Swinging a golf club properly doesn’t come naturally to most. In order to make that perfect swing, golfer engage their core, balance and flexibility to put the power behind the golf ball. A powerful swing requires years of practice, endurance, and consistency.

Is your New Year’s resolution to spend more time out on the course? Great! We can help you make the most of your time out on the green with these golf tips and tricks.

There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos guaranteeing the “perfect swing” and “laser-focus accuracy”. The truth is, the majority of these are gimmicks designed to make money.

The real results come from practice and some simple home exercises.

Golf Exercises for Home

Sports Fitness Advisor has identified some simple, 5-minute exercises that improved results. After completing 5-minute exercises, 5 times a week, golfers increased clubhead speed by 24%. It may not sound like much, but when speed is the majority of the game of golf then the more the better!

For once, these exercises are not limited by age. Golfer from 55 to 75 have reaped the benefits of strength and flexibility training as well as younger golfers. These simple exercises certainly pack a punch.

Golf Weight Training

Looking for a weight training program that fits your lifestyle? Choose from sets, reps, or full exercises routines within these comprehensive programs.

These exercises have been specifically created to emulate similar demands golfers experience.

Strength Training

Swinging a golf club one, two, three…a hundred times is no easy task.

Gradually strengthen your arms and core with these simple exercises that minimize the risk of injury.

Prevent Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

Feeling a twinge in your shoulder or telltale pain in your elbow?

Golfers are often plagued with shoulder and elbow issues due to forearm and rotator cuff muscles that are strained in golf.

Prevent those issues with these helpful exercises.

Stretching for Golf

Increasing your range of motion will improve your swing!

These simple exercises can help!

Golf Stretching Exercises and Pre-Game Warm Up

Don’t forget to warm up!

Stretch and warm up your muscles before hitting the course for a pain-free game!

It’s All About Core

Engage the core and open up your upper and lower body.

The core is where the majority of your swing actually comes from. Improve your core strength and the rest will follow!

Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine balls can be used to develop exercises that closely mimic the golf swing. They also offer the added advantage of training the body to create maximum acceleration and power – which translates into to greater clubhead speed and longer shots!

ECC Golf Pros

If you’d like to improve your swing consistently, why not stop by our Golf shop. Our pro trainers are adept in the game of golf and would be happy to listen to your concerns and find a helpful solution.

As always, proceed with caution. If your doctor has advised against exertion, these exercises may not be the right choice for you. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen.