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Tennis is a dynamic sport that holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. Beyond its moments of athletic brilliance, tennis serves a far greater purpose. It instills values and nurtures physical as well as mental well-being.

For tennis lovers, a tennis club serves as more than just a place to play their beloved sport. It is a vital cornerstone within the tennis community.

Our Tennis Club in Fort Myers stands as a revered haven for tennis enthusiasts in the vibrant state of Florida. It offers exceptional tennis experience for players of all ages and skill levels.

Access to excellent facilities:

Our Tennis Club in Marco Island boasts a remarkable array of unmatched facilities in Florida. Our tennis courts are meticulously designed to enhance your tennis experience.

The Cape Coral Tennis Club features a diverse range of well-maintained courts. They provide the perfect environment for players to test their tennis skills and improve their game.

Professional coaching and skill development:

At our Bonita Springs Tennis Club, players have access to highly experienced and dedicated tennis coaches. The USPTA Professional Staff provides lessons and clinics to meet the needs of players at every skill level, with 5 lighted Har-Tru courts available for play.

Our professionals also supervise an extensive offering of programs, tournaments, and social mixers at our tennis club in Fort Myers. We are also pleased to provide our members with instruction and programs that accommodate the tennis interests of visiting family and friends of every generation.

Competitive opportunities and events:

At Estero Country Club, we aim to foster camaraderie and friendship among our members. The Marco Island Tennis Club hosts regular social events, tournaments, and leagues throughout the year. Our objective is to provide opportunities for players to showcase their skills and engage in friendly competitions.

Social Tennis

  • Morning open player “Drop in” round robin
  • Monthly Fun Mixers during our summer months
  • Holiday Themed Party Mixers
  • Video Mixer Series
  • Special events: Sony Ericson Bus Trip, October Fest Party, Pro-Am’s


  • Flex League & K-Swiss Singles Leagues
  • Lee County Couples Mixed League
  • Bonero Ladies League
  • USPTA Bonita League
  • Lee-Col League
  • Lee County Women’s Tennis League
  • Lee County Men’s Tennis League
  • Men’s and Ladies’ Invitational Tournaments 

Family-friendly environment:

Recognizing the importance of family involvement, our Cape Coral Tennis Club welcomes players of all ages.

The club offers junior tennis programs that introduce young players to the sport. Moreover, parents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their children are learning in a safe and supportive environment. Our Fort Myers Tennis Club also organizes family-oriented events to help you create lasting memories both on and off the court.

Our Bonita Springs Tennis Club has established itself as a premier destination for tennis lovers in the Florida region. If you are looking for a place to ignite your passion for tennis, consider our premier tennis club in Fort Myers.

We invite you to join our esteemed establishment as you embark on your tennis journey!

Estero Country Club Tennis
Estero Country Club Tennis Shop