Southwest Florida is Heating Up


Southwest Florida is neck deep in summer and while it’s prime time for some fun in the sun, it’s imperative that you stay safe while doing so. Our afternoons are creeping high up in the 90s, sometimes even getting in the triple digits. While you’re practicing your swing on the course or court, walking around the lake, or just doing some gardening, be mindful of your body and the dangers this excessive heat can cause.

High heat can cause several health complications. One of the most common is heat stroke. Protect your body from heat stroke and be aware of symptoms; this may include:

• Body temperature of 104°F or higher
• Headaches, confusion or trouble thinking clearly
• Hallucinations
• Skin redness and warmth
• Vomiting or diarrhea
• Muscle cramps or weakness

We’re not saying not to get out there and move though! Stay active but stay cautious. When you’re on the green or practicing your swing on the courts remember the following:

• Play sports in the early morning or wait for dusk to avoid the afternoon where the temperatures are at their highest.
• Take frequent breaks to cool your body down.
• Drink plenty of fluids and reapply sunblock as needed.
• Wear loose, light-weight clothes.

Stay safe this summer and spend happy days and nights at Estero Country Club. We are proud to be hosting so many fun summer events including our July 4th Celebration. Make sure you stop by and celebrate with us. Also, don’t forget to look out for the Best of SWFL, winners announced July 23rd. Estero Country Club was lucky enough to be nominated for Best Country Club. We are so grateful for our wonderful members and residents that help us keep Estero Country Club great. Keep your fingers crossed for us southwest Florida!