Pickleball in Southwest Florida has become a hot topic word for several reasons. You hear about the popularity of the sport, the dangers of the sport and more recently, the noise issue of the sport.

Many communities have adopted the sport as part of their amenity package. Some start with two courts and some start with eight courts. The numbers are driven by activity. Most public courts will be totally booked at various times of the day and night depending on lighting on the courts. Private courts are typically under more controlled times of play unless their Pickleball courts are isolated away from homes and other amenities.

Along with its popularity, Pickleball has created several issues which with instruction and forethought can be avoided. Pickleball is typically played on what is considered a hard surface. Usually asphalt with some type of coating or liner. This can produce issues with joint pain and injuries from the physical demands of the game and improper positioning during play.  Posting a simple sign with play tips can help to avoid some of this problem. Tell players to stretch and warm-up. Warn them about balance on quick moves and the danger of moving incorrectly. Many players will show up for Pickleball never having played it or any sport before.

Noise is also an issue with Pickleball. You have a hard paddle hitting a plastic hollow ball on a hard court. This makes for a constant Bick-Bock effect. This noise put too close to normally quiet areas like a pool, clubhouse or private homes can create a real problem for everyone involved. Today, it is important for Pickleball court placement to be well planned and well thought out. With the proper plan, noise issues can be avoided. Pickleball vendors have also come up with sound panels for courts to aid those who already may have their courts in a poor position for noise.

Whatever the issues, it is evident that Pickleball is here to stay and will more than likely continue to grow in popularity as a sport.