Making More Putts Equals a Lower Score

What if I told you that the secret to making more short pressure putts was HORSE? Confused yet? Get a friend to compete against and head to the practice green. Decide who goes first by spinning a tee. Whoever it points to more gets to go first. Once the order is decided, HORSE is a simple game. It is played just like it is on the basketball court.
The first player selects a putt and attempts to make it.

If the putt goes in,

the second player must attempt to make the exact same putt. If this putt is missed, then the player
receives the H in HORSE.

If the putt does not go in,

The second player gets to select a new putt and the process repeats.

The players who accumulates all the letters first loses.

Why it works

The advantage in this game comes when the players who goes first selects a putt that is makeable.
Because of this, you will have to make a large number of short putts with stakes attached. The best way
to practice putting is to simulate the pressure of needing to make a putt and this game does the perfect
job of putting you in that scenario time after time.