As we started to experience last week with 2.5” of rain, we can definitely say the dry season has come to a screeching halt this week with an accumulated 8” of rain. Forecasters are keeping an eye on a low- pressure area in the Gulf of Mexico that has some potential for development as we near the holiday weekend.

While we do not expect a major storm, it certainly guarantees our continued rain pattern. Construction was slowed slightly this week, mostly with the laying of concrete for cart paths but the past few days have been relatively dry and we expect to pour additional concrete in the next few days. The cart path work is completed on hole 12 thru 15 and started on 10.
Additional highlights:

  • Rough shaping continues on the remaining holes on the back 9 and should be completed in the next 2 weeks barring any weather-related delays
  • Stripping and burying material including the driving range and the staging areas continues on the front 9
  • Storm drain pipework is 90% completed, the only section remaining but we expect to be completed by the end of today is a small section on the back of #3’s green tee
  • Irrigation installation continues around the Clubhouse and the surrounding common area. Our goal continues to have this work completed by June 1. This part of our work is about a week behind schedule
  • Clubhouse plant material installation should commence the first week of June
  • Our first plant material delivery was this morning for the golf course. Much of the initial planting will focus on holes 12, 13 and 14. Large trees that are to be installed on the back 9 will be delivered Wednesday and installation will begin immediately. Although landscaping will be ongoing throughout the summer we are focusing on large plant material installation first to avoid any new grass damage with equipment.

The most dramatic change this week continues on hole #16 with the installation of the seawall. As you can see from the pictures below, the work is almost complete and looks awesome! As soon as we complete the work on #16 we will start reconstruction of the seawall on #2.

Enjoy this week’s drone videos:

Click to see update two, three, and four!