This week’s communication update includes “Fun Facts” about the scope in “numbers” of the work being done on the golf course and around the Clubhouse:

  • The Greens are planted with Tif-Eagle sprigs at a rate of 25 bushels per 1000ft2. After planting, irrigation is applied to the Greens at an average of 6-7 minutes every half hour throughout the day. During the Greens construction, 1578 cubic yards of a 90% sand, 10% peat mix will be added to the Greens.
  • Fertilization is applied to the greens every 7 days at a rate of ½ lb. of Nitrogen per 1000ft2.
  • After the Fairways, Roughs and Tees are sprigged, they will be irrigated at least once every hour and will require weekly fertilization for about the first 10 weeks.
  • During the restoration, we will install over 270,000ft2 of sod. This equates to 540 pallets of sod! Crews have already laid over 100,000ft2 of sod on the back 9 holes.
  • 680’ of new Sea Wall was installed on 2 and 16. This includes pilings ranging in size from 3’ to 8’ driven into the ground and placed every 5’. All of this work was completed in under 3 weeks.
  • An estimated 7,640 cubic yards of earthwork will take place during construction. This includes excavation of lakes on holes 5, 12, 14, 15 and 16.
  • It will take 1,629 tons of “G-Angle” bunker sand to fill the Bunkers when complete. This is nearly 70 dump truck loads of sand.
  • 3,300’ of storm drain pipe has been replaced on the course. In addition, 6,330’ of drainage pipe along with 58 new catch basins will be installed throughout the golf course, properly draining low lying areas in fairways in rough.
  • 5,700 ft2 of “Rip Rap” rock will be installed on the golf course. Most notably on holes 5 and 18.
  • As part of our landscaping plan, we will be planting over 13,000 trees and plants. 4,300 will go to the clubhouse, 3,800 planted near and along the railroad tracks on holes 1, 2, 14 and 15. Almost 5,000 plants and trees will be installed on the golf course itself. Out of all these plants, the “in-house” golf course maintenance staff will be installing 85% of them. The large trees will be installed by an outside contractor. These trees and plants will require daily watering by staff until fully established.
  • The Clubhouse irrigation installation will require over 800 new sprinkler heads, 6000’ of drip tube irrigation, 3,000’ of pipe and 13,800’ of electric control wire all installed around the Clubhouse area.

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