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House guests may be given member privileges for dining, tennis and golf. The sponsoring member must pre-register the house guest with the Club, up to a maximum of two weeks.

Club Rules & Regulations

IV. Guests

1. General

The number of times that a guest may utilize Club facilities is limited. As defined below, Family guests and unrelated guests have different limitations. Any combination of golf, tennis, pickleball, bocce, cards, bingo, etc. constitutes a “time”. Dining does not count as a visit unless for a special “dining event” (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Dinner Shows, etc.). Each “dining event” visit would be counted as a “time.”

When appropriate, all guest charges for services or merchandise will be charged to the sponsoring member’s Club account. Cash payments are not permitted.

The sponsoring member is responsible for the conduct of all guests while on Club property. If the behavior or appearance of any guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the sponsoring member and/or the houseguest may, at the request of Club management, be asked to leave the premises. At their sole discretion, the Board of Governors may deny or revoke guest privileges of a particular guest.

Family Guests (whether House or Day Guest) may not play, participate, or visit the Club more than twelve (12) times between November 1 – April 30 and twelve (12) times between May 1 – October 31 during any regular fiscal year.

Non-Family Guests (whether House or Day Guest) may not play, participate, or visit the Club more than six (6) times between November 1 – April 30 and twelve (12) times between May 1 – October 31 during any regular fiscal year.

1. Houseguests

1. A houseguest is defined as a guest temporarily residing in a member’s residence. Houseguests must be accompanied by the member unless said houseguest is a family member. Family members are parents, children, grandchildren, and brothers/sisters (including spouses) of the member and will be charged at the family guest rate. All non-family houseguests will be charged at the regular guest rate.

In accordance with the Club’s Bylaws, houseguests must be registered with the Club to be granted privileges. They will be entitled to use the facilities of the Club consistent with the membership privileges of the sponsoring member.

2. Houseguests may be given Member privileges for dining, tennis, pickleball, bocce, and golf by paying all appropriate fees. The sponsoring member must pre-register the houseguest with the Club a minimum of two weeks in advance of the houseguests expected stay. A houseguest is authorized to stay up to a 2-week period. Houseguest authorization forms are available in the Club office or can be auto-filled online in the member’s area of the Club website. When auto-filled, forms come directly to the Club in an email. These forms are also available for download in the member’s area of the Club website. Houseguest authorization forms can be submitted for up to a maximum of a 2-week period. Any additional time requested for houseguest privileges, above and beyond the initial 2-week period, requires an additional houseguest form submission (up to the maximum 2-week limit) and will require approval of the Board of Governors.

3. Family Houseguests are permitted to use the Club facilities without being accompanied by the member. The houseguest membership is available subject to the following conditions:

a) The sponsoring member does not have to give up membership rights for the period of time that the houseguest is in residence.

b) The houseguest may, as determined by the Club, be charged a temporary membership fee for use of the Club in addition to all daily use fees. Any temporary houseguest membership fee will be for each two-week period and shall be determined by the Club.

Keep in mind, in accordance with the By-laws, that house guests must be registered through the Club in order to have Club privileges.


Dress Code

It is expected that members will choose to dress in fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. It is also expected that members will advise their guests of the dress code requirement ahead of time. If a member/guest is not in proper attire, staff will advise them of this and ask for their compliance with the dress code rules. If a member continues to not comply with the dress code policy, the Grievance Committee will be advised of the infractions.


• Smart, country club casual attire and golf or tennis attire is acceptable for Ladies and Gentlemen. Work out attire, t- shirts (with or without promotional pictures or words), and bathing suits & cover-ups are not permitted. Shorts must be Bermuda length, cargo shorts are not permissible, and shirts must be collared unless golf or tennis specific and tucked into trousers unless Tommy Bahama Style, which are to be worn out.
• Denim is permitted in the entire Clubhouse. All denim must be in good taste in keeping with smart casual attire, denim is to be clean, neat, hole-free, and un-frayed.
• Gentlemen may be required to wear jackets to select events.
• Hats: Men are not permitted to wear a hat in any covered area – by roof or awning- of the clubhouse or sports facility.


This dress code applies to any person on the practice areas or on the golf course. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests.
• Estero Country Club is a soft spike facility.
• Attire for Ladies: Golf slacks, skort or Bermuda length shorts. Shirts must have a collar or sleeves.
• Attire for Men: Collared shirt, or banded collar golf shirt, slacks or Bermuda length shorts.
• All shirts must be tucked in, unless designed otherwise. Denim, cut-off shorts, tank tops, cargo pants or cargo shorts and t-shirts are not acceptable golf attire
• Children: Attire for boys and girls is the same as noted above for men and women excluding infants and toddlers.


Members and guests must wear proper tennis attire at all times.
While traditional tennis attire has changed considerably over the years, the intent of this policy is for members and guests to display good taste in their dress on the tennis court. In this respect, the committee approves that non-collared shirts can be worn by men.
The following are considered to be non-acceptable tennis attire:
• Denim jeans or shorts, Cut off shorts, Gym shorts, Swim wear, Sleeveless shirts for men, Footwear not intended for use on soft tennis courts, Bare feet, T-shirts

Dress Code – Teams

• Men: Team captains in consultation with team members will decide to adopt a team uniform.
• Men’s Team league match dress will consist of a White Logo Collared shirt (which can be purchased in the Tennis Shop) and coordinated color shorts.
• Women: Team captains in consultation with team members will decide to adopt a team uniform.

Fitness Center:

• Casual workout attire is acceptable including tee shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants for men; and leotards, tights, tee shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants for women. Only non-­marking aerobic or court shoes are permitted in the fitness facility.