Southwest Florida is finally receiving some rain and we couldn’t be happier! As of Sunday, the club received 2.5” inches of rain which, helpfully, firmed the ground, allowing our contractors to better shape tees, bunkers and greens. We just hope we don’t get too much and have productivity wane.

We have been so lucky to have Gordon Lewis onsite. Last week, he spent a considerable amount of time checking progress, setting elevations and staking out the new practice area. He is starting to finalize green shapes and surrounds. Later in the week, he approved the initial rough shaping of the first six (6) greens which resulted in the contractor adding the 1-2 inches of new Greensmix and rototilled it in with the current greens mix.

The final shaping will occur this week in anticipation of our first grassing. Our supplier for Tif-Eagle green sprigs advised us that our delivery will be delayed about a week because of some unfavorable growing conditions in Georgia this spring. Our first delivery is now expected June 4. This will only delay the first grassing about 5 days and will not affect our targeted re-opening.

Crews will begin installing sod around greens, bunkers, tees and steep slopes the week of May 29. This allows the sodded areas to be completed prior to the sprigging process. After the initial six (6) holes are grassed, our goal is to continue grassing six (6) holes every two weeks until completion. We anticipate the entire course to be completely grassed by mid-July.

Additional highlights:

  • Seawall construction on 16 has begun (see picture below). The first pilings on both the fairway and green side of the lake have begun and once completed the framing on the lakeside will start.
  • Concrete crews have been framing and repairing cart path areas (see the second picture). They have already poured concrete on 13 and 14 and will continue weather permitting through the back 9. It is important that all concrete work be completed prior to irrigation of the new grass…water and new concrete does not mix.
  • Large equipment has now moved to the front 9. They have started to strip areas where needed, removed concrete and begun digging “bury pits” to dispose of the material.
  • Crews are working on the practice area, 1 and 9. They will progress away from the clubhouse and go to 7, 6, 2 and so on.
  • Work continues on storm drain pipe on the front 9. Hole 6 is completed, and they are currently on 4. We expect this project to be completed by the end of the week.
  • Our first delivery of trees and plant material is expected the week of May 21. All large trees and plants will be installed prior to grass being put down to prevent any damage. Smaller plant material will be installed by the golf course staff.
  • Our largest focus this past week and continuing is irrigation. Additional irrigation, repairs, and modifications are part of the work and must be completed prior to the installation of grass. To put this past week’s irrigation work into perspective, we have installed over 5000 feet of new electric wire!
  • Our Clubhouse irrigation installation continues as well. The main road, parking, and sidewalk crossings have had the sleeves bored underneath areas where needed. Crews are on site working on the mainlines. Lateral lines and sprinkler heads will be next.
  • Upon completion of the irrigation work, the focus of the golf course staff will be the installation of landscape material.

Check out our latest pictures below or check out our videos!