Restoration Continues

Construction is moving along on schedule with no setbacks and project progress this week on the golf course has been substantial.

Gordon Lewis has been on site multiple times each week checking on progress and making minor modifications. This will continue throughout the restoration, including giving his approval on each step before we start the next phase. He has been very conscious of our goals and expectations and we have no doubt that he has the best interest of the Club in mind with every decision he makes. It is very comforting to see the amount of time he spends on each hole before giving his final seal of approval.

This Week’s Updates

    • Stripping and burying of material on the back 9 is complete and crews are now working around the practice area and 1.
    • Gordon Lewis has staked out the new cart staging area and islands near the Pro Shop. This area will be “rough shaped” over the next week. Final shaping, brick pavers, and concrete work will not occur until near the end of the project to prevent any unnecessary damage.
    • The scheduled 6 holes to be grassed the last week in May is on target. Six (6) holes at a time will be completed to ensure our irrigation system can adequately keep up with the water demands of new sprigs and sod. It is vital that we keep the correct amount of moisture in the soil during the grow-in process. Once grassing commences at the end of May, it is our goal to grass six (6) holes every 2-3 weeks until completed. The first holes will be numbers 10, 13, 14, 15, 18 and green side of the bridge on 12, and the fairway side of the bridge on 16.
    • To prevent any erosion from heavy rains, sod around the collar of the greens, bunker surrounds and any areas that are on steep slopes/hills will be laid, once complete the sprigs for the greens, tees, fairways and rough will be done.
    • “Rough shaping” of the greens on our first six (6) holes is almost complete. After Gordon Lewis gives his final stamp of approval, an additional 2” of Greensmix will be added to ensure we have uniform greens mix in our soil profile. We will then till this new mix with the existing mix along with our pre-plant fertilizer and soil amendments. Final shaping and grass will be laid once Gordon Lewis gives his final approval of the work.
    • Storm drain work is complete on the back 9. The crew has moved to the front and started on hole 6. Two weeks approximately is left on this portion of the project.
    • Artistic Structures will arrive this Wednesday to begin the installation of the new sea walls. Work will begin on the fairway side of the lake on 16 eventually moving to the green side. Once 16 is completed they will work on replacement work on hole 2. We anticipate this to be completed in a month.
    • The golf course maintenance staff has been working almost exclusively on irrigation over the last week. Completing a golf course renovation of this magnitude all the while keeping the existing irrigation system undamaged has proved to be challenging. With changes in elevations, slopes and the topography of the course, in general, has resulted in us making many irrigation modifications and adjustments. Many sprinkler heads and in some cases entire lines of pipe need to be raised, lowered and/or moved to accommodate the new features. The amount of heavy equipment necessary to complete the renovation is not very friendly to our existing pipe and sprinklers. Even with us properly marking our lines and heads many areas are damaged by the weight of the equipment alone. Extremely shallow pipe and electric wires are also to blame in some instances. With over 1200 sprinklers on the golf course, this means we have over 1200 different electric wires connecting these heads to the control boxes. Any small cut in the wire will cause the sprinkler to malfunction.
    • Work has begun on the new Clubhouse irrigation system. The new HDPE pipe main lines are being installed first. Boring/Drilling crews are on site installing pipe under roadways, parking lots and sidewalks where necessary. After the mainline work is complete, work will begin on the installation of the smaller lateral lines, valves, electric and eventually the sprinklers themselves. We are still on schedule to finish the irrigation by June 1st and then commence on the landscape plan.
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