Bocce Ball

Next to soccer and golf, bocce is the third most participated sport in the world. At Estero Country Club we have a social bocce following. Bocce is a great casual sport, enjoyable for all ages, easy to learn and fun to play!

Bocce Ball Lingo to get you started can’t wait to see you on the courts!

    • American Bocce League: The coolest group you can join to play team bocce the way with other great people in your local area. To learn more go to
  • Bageled: Bummer. A team or player with no points in an entire game.
  • Ball Buster: Someone with serious “attitude” or a powerful bocce shot that scatters one or more balls.
  • Einstein: Guy who invented lots of cool stuff but not bocce. In this definition a brilliant bocce shot.
  • Frame: A frame begins by tossing the “LWB”, and ends when both teams have thrown all eight of their bocce balls.
  • Inbounds/Out of Bounds: An inbounds throw means the ball comes to a stop inside or touching any part of the line. Out of bounds is out of play and does not count.
  • Inside Ball: An inbounds bocce ball that is currently closest to the “LWB” is the inside ball or scoring ball. The inside ball often changes several times during a frame.
  • Knockout Ball: Ball that wipes out all the other balls that are currently in play.
  • Leprechaun: Little Irish guy with a pot of gold or an extremely lucky bocce shot.
  • Little White Ball: Also known as the Jack, Pallino, and Pallina. Too confusing. We prefer “LWB” for Little White Ball. Easier, right?
  • Mid-Court Line: The center of your court, marked by the blue triangles on the court itself.
  • Pac-Man: A bocce ball that rolls in front of the “LWB” making it disappear from view.
  • Roll Off: How we start bocce matches, a player from each team simultaneously throws a bocce ball trying to land it closest to the mid-court line as they can without going over.
  • Shortski: Ball that lands way short of the intended target.
  • Skyball: A ball thrown high in the air that drops vertically and occasionally brings rain.
  • Smooch: Ball touching or “kissing” the “LWB”.
  • The Destroyer: A ball with way too much juice that rolls through the court.
  • Walk of Shame: Ouch. Yep, you messed up. Your “LWB” throw wasn’t far enough or in play, so it’s time to take the “walk of shame.” You have to go pick it up and hand it to your opponents – because now it’s their turn to start the frame.