3 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game This Fall from Estero CC

golf swingWe all know the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” However, a little training can go a long way in helping you improve your golf game. Whether you’re an avid player or someone who likes to play casually with friends, your performance can benefit from the guidance of an expert.

Estero Country Club at the Vines is offering 3 unique workshops led by TPI Golf Fitness Certified instructor Rita Pociask during the fall and winter seasons. Not only will it build your confidence, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet people with shared interests and build long-lasting relationships with other members of our fine, friendly community!

Fit “Fore” Golf

We have 3 workshops planned between October and February, and six opportunities to attend them so you can experience them all.

  • October 22 and January 14: Muscle Sense
    Did you know 59% of golfers have poor posture? Muscle Sense is all about improving your alignment, rotation and your ability to stabilize. The right posture will improve your golf swing.
  • November 5 and January 28: Fix Your Miss
    Mobility and stability are crucial to your swing. Fix Your Miss helps you recognize your faults and then guides you through specific exercises that will help correct them.
  • November 19 and February 18: Power Golf
    The final installment in our golf workshop series builds upon your improved posture, mobility, and stability to add POWER! You’ll learn the 10 best exercises that will put the “oomph” behind your swing.

These workshops are all held on the Thursday corresponding with each date at 3:00PM. They last an hour and will include instruction, handouts, and downloadable video clips. The cost is $29 per person per workshop or $69 for a single individual to attend all three. To reserve a spot, participants can sign up online, call the club, or simply drop in!