Commit to a Happy & Healthy New Year with ECC

ecc2016 is just a few hours away. The New Year comes with Resolutions. New Year Resolutions are infamous for being discarded by the time February rolls around. This year, however, Estero Country Club is helping you stay committed to your New Year Resolution.

One of the most common, and understandable resolutions is to have a healthier new year. Whether you’re looking to maintain your golf swing, exercise the muscles to improve your tennis game, or enhance your strength and cardiovascular health, Estero Country Club’s Fitness Center offers a variety of equipment to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We have personal training available to assist in reaching your goals and teach you how to use equipment safely and efficiently. You will be assigned a private code with 24 hour access to enjoy the facility at any time that fits your schedule.

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Nautilus Nitro Strength Training Equipment
  • Various Fitness & Exercise Amenities

When you exercise at Estero Country Club, you’re never alone. We have several Fitness classes to choose from, including Stretch & Flex and Yoga.

Stretch & Flex is ideal for the golfer or tennis player that wants to improve their swing. It can extend past your game and into your everyday life as well. Stretch & Flex increases your strength, improve your overall flexibility, and improve your balance.

These exercises were created & combined specifically to target the core (abs, back & gluts), upper arm, shoulder, legs and feet for increased balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion needed to improve your game.

Classes are held year round on Tuesdays and Thursdays and open to all ages and levels!

If you want a more involved stretch and improve your health as well as your body and mind, Estero Country Club’s gentle yoga includes classical postures and breathing. Yoga is an ancient art that can improve overall mental and physical well-being!

Classes are held November through April on Mondays and Fridays; all levels welcome!

Combined with one of our lifestyle programs, our Fitness Center is a great way to meet new friends who also enjoy fun and healthy living. The team at Estero Country Club is committed to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s make 2016 a happy and healthy year in southwest Florida!